2010 - 2011
35,000 m2
China, Dongying

The museum of Dongying city is an integral part of the new cultural and commercial district growing on the bank of the Guang Li River, the urban architectural concept of which was conceived also by ZDA. The urban architectural design study for the new district and outstanding buildings of the Chinese oil city with several million inhabitants in the mouth of the Yellow River makes the birth of a modern Chinese city along European architectural traditions possible. The museum planned as a part of the urban architectural concept displays the historic, cultural and natural heritage of the region in a modern and complex manner. 

Two versions were prepared for the plan of the building concept:

  • Following the theme of the museum, the building is in direct physical connection with the Guang Li River, and it becomes an emphatic element of the river bank.
  • The separated units with different topics are connected by a spectacular common lobby, a helical glazed atrium, enriching the complex of exhibition spaces with an exciting community space. 
Lead Architect
Gábor Zoboki DLA habil., Nóra Demeter DLA
Csaba Silvester, Gábor Szatmári, Mátyás Gutai, András Csiszér, Linda Tolnai, Csaba Rajnai, Krisztián Jancsó
Main design partners and consultants
Miklós Már and Zoltán Konc (Backlite Studio), Gábor Szabó, László Rédly, Viola Győre, Nóra Zámbó (Tér-team)
Design Office of the City of Dongying