Construction of new office building block starts
Construction of new office building block starts at Dózsa György Street Uniquely-designed Pillar office building to be finished at the end of 2021 as a brownfield investment.

Construction of the Pillar office building has begun at the property located at the corner of Dózsa György Street and Angyalföldi Street. The category „A” office building of four blocks, is being constructed as an investment of GTC Real Estate Development Hungary Pltd., and will be occupied by ExxonMobil in Q1 of 2022.The office building - that has excellent transport connections - will contain a two-level underground garage, a café, a restaurant, a nursery, a fitness and a conference room and other service facilities. Pillar – having a LEED Gold sustainability certificate – will have green and water surfaces at the entrance, and the inner garden of the block will be opened towards the city. The architectural plans for the asymmetrical and unique building with its wavering forms were designed by the ZDA-Zoboki Design & Architecture, winner of multiple FIABCI-awards.


The development area of Pillar is located in the block bordered by streets Dózsa György, Angyalföldi, Botond and Kassák Lajos, directly next to the Váci Street office avenue. The property doesn’t cover the whole block, there are two other buildings which are not affected by the investment.

29.000 m2 leasable area, bike and e-car friendly underground garage

The high-quality office building towering seven stories above ground floor – with 29.000 m2 gross leasable area (GLA) above and 14.000 under the ground.

Vast, sunny office spaces will be created on the higher levels, while the ground floor will have service functions, such as a 100 people restaurant, a café with a terrace, fitness and conference rooms, a nursery, as well as smaller shops and service rooms. The two-level underground garage will have 385 parking spaces, alongside electric vehicle charging stations and a car wash. The designers have thought of bikers as well, there will be almost 200 spaces for bikes on the street level, with showers and locker rooms for full convenience.

Unique design with wavering facade by FIABCI-award architects

The four-block office building will get an accentuated city design: with the variation of the wider and narrower sections emitting a wavering effect, the buildings and curved corners will create a characteristic appearance for the whole building. The plans for the buildings were designed by the ZDA- Design & Architecture, winner of multiple FIABCI-awards. This is not the first time that GTC and ZDA has worked together: the Spirál I. Office Building at Dózsa György Street, with its plans designed by ZDA, was finished ten years ago, and the Center Point Office Building at Váci Street was augurated fifteen years ago, which has parallels with the current developments in many aspects.

An important aspect during designing the external appearance was the loosening up of the unbroken row of buildings, so the façade of the blocks was pulled back from the street front with a “cour d’honneur” style, and were also loosened up with terraces and stairs. On the ground floor, the building connects with the public areas by arcades.  The Pillar is to receive a high-standard unique curtain wall elevation, decorated with coloured lamellae consisting of glazed and solid inserts. The emphasis of the main façade is also heightened by the asymmetric forms and by the tension between the building blocks arising from the acute-angled shape of the plot. The connection with the city will be created by the area in front of the main entrance, where a café, water surfaces and a statue will all be located. The large green surfaces, plants, water and rest areas will make the inner garden - opened towards the streets – a true city oasis.

Multiple environment-friendly and sustainability technologies will be used at Pillar, with it having a LEED Gold certificate. Its transport connections are also excellent, be it roads or the public transport.

ExxonMobile to rent the whole office building

The whole building will be rented by ExxonMobile, with the company playing a possible part in creating the design for the building, as well as the construction phases. The deal between GTC and ExxonMobil is the largest transaction of the Hungarian office market, that has been spent on an office still in development. ExxonMobile will rent all office spaces and the ground-floor conference room, while negotiations are still ongoing regarding the renting of other areas for commercial and other service uses. The development of Pillar is planned to finish at the end of 2021, with the renter moving to the building in Q1 2022.

Pillar office building video: