Here is the design of the new hospital centre in Budapest – VISUALS
The hospital centre at Nagyvárad Square will be able to serve a quarter of the capital and will be directly connected to a metro station.

The winners of the Healthy Budapest Program’s design contest will build three hospital centres, two of which appeared in the Procurement Report in December, states Tervlap. The projects of the National Healthcare Services Centre will include the Hospital Centre of South Buda, built by M-Teampannon LLC and András Pál Rutkai, while the earlier-united Saint Stephen and Saint Ladislaus Hospital will be expanded significantly and turned into South Pest Hospital Centre in accordance with the plans of ZDA-Zoboki Architectural Office LLC. The latter will be able to serve the southeast quarter of the capital: designers revealed their in-depth plans in connection with the institution fulfilling an emergency centre role as well. According to these, the existing building complex will be fully renovated and modernised, and with its one-stop entrance, it will be capable of more direct treatment.

The 190 thousand m2 hospital centre costs HUF 188 billion. Patients will be directed to the particular ward one wants to visit from the metro station of metro line M3 through the alley of Nagyvárad Square, with the aforementioned one-stop method.

They want the treatment of patients to be as fast as possible, taking into consideration the architectural nature of the hospital as well.

The concept focuses on medical technology, so the buildings will be constructed to fulfil these needs.

The 150-year-old building is too old to fulfil the requirements of certain medical technologies. They will keep the pavilion of the entrance while the two main units of the institution will be the campus garden and the main building. The centre will be built as a green area: it will include the main building, an operational and diagnostical block and six other annexes. All parts of the centre will be easily accessible through the wide corridors, while other wards will be placed in the six annexes. The main building will have a rooftop garden as well. The hospital, which will be accessible through Üllői Road as well, will receive a parking lot with 1200 spots. Hungarian architects designed some impressive buildings last year. Have you seen the new Ethnographic Museum or the new building of Budapest Zoo? Make sure to take a look them up.