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We could begin by saying that “our office is in the heart of Budapest” as our studio is located at 45 Andrássy Avenue, the one-time main avenue of the capital city, maybe right halfway between the Opera House and the Liszt Academy. Or that we are inspired by the “genius loci”, the primal force of the spirit of the place, because the cream of the Hungarian art and literary community of the turn of the century took up residence in this house in times past, and Attila József wrote his poems in the corner of the café operating here. We could also say that, in the middle of downtown, we can feel how the city pulsates around us day after day.

Still, it will say much more about us if we write: “Budapest is in the heart of our office”. We passionately love this city, and we suffer when it is not as good as it could be. Our work and thinking is pervaded by this passion, so, when we draw a building, we don’t look only at the building, but fundamentally we invent the future of a quarter.

Our practice deals with general design; we create concepts and look for new solutions. We believe that there are no routine tasks, so we begin each project with a clean slate, and we look at each task as a new challenge. Our studio existence is not only a feeling, but a working method in which we examine things together and make decisions together. We are a think tank which never loses the sight of practical aspects.

Our diversity lies in the knowledge and diverse professional background of our colleagues. Our workshop is characterized by special knowledge and a complex vision, youngish fling and experience, rigorous technical attitude and creative design approach at the same time. We can draw inspiration not only from each other, from the small working teams of the office, but also from a variety of community programmes. Our professional work is supported by our rich library of designs, books and papers, state-of-the-art digital technology and continuous trainings. We can test our ideas on a huge Budapest model, one of our prides, built by ourselves – since Budapest is in the heart of our office.