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Company Profile

Our office was formed in 1997. With respect to its size, investment portfolio and importance, it became until now one of the most important architectural workshop of the Central European region: we gained a determinant role in the Hungarian design market, and we can take pride in more and more international projects e.g. in China.

Since the foundation, we strive to couple the high quality of architectural design with professional technical knowledge – the efficiency of this is further strengthened by the Anglo-Saxon working principle and methodology of our office.

The profile of our tasks is characterized by the wide range of design genres: this includes multifunctional cultural centres, research buildings with state-of-the-art technology and office buildings especially inspiring human contact the same as the reconstruction assignments of historic buildings or lovely hotels and residential buildings. We could create characteristic examples of all these which were awarded with a number of home and international prizes. The portfolio of our practice is widened also by conceptual urban-planning tasks and feasibility studies for large-scale projects.

We achieved especially important successes regarding cultural buildings with unique technology background, and, as a result, we won a number of foreign assignments. Our international connections became very wide regarding also design partners, professional consultants and architect offices as well.

Our services include the entire design process: from urban planning through architectural and interior design to the engineering coordination of construction processes – embracing international creative communities counting even several hundred persons.