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Zoboki Design & Architecture is a creative community awarded several times Pro Architectura and FIABCI Prizes. In the past two decades, a number of our projects received the highest Hungarian and international recognitions.

Prizes received by the creative community of ZDA - Zoboki Design & Architecture

  • FIABCI Diploma, 2012 (Diploma of Recognition to Zoboki-Demeter and Associates for their most successful participation)
  • FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, Office building category, Saint Petersburg, 2012
  • (Pannon GSM – Telenor Headquarters, Törökbálint)
  • Pro Architectura Prize, 2011 – Éva Oláh, Zoltán Tóth and Gábor Zoboki jointly (Gedeon Richter Chemical Research Center, Budapest)
  • FIABCI Hungary, Office building category, Grand Prize, 2011 (Pannon GSM – Telenor Headquarters, Törökbálint)
  • Building Industry Award for Excellence, 2010 (Pannon GSM – Telenor Headquarters, Törökbálint)
  • CIJ Awards Hungary, 2010 (Best Residential Development – Palazzo Dorottya, Budapest)
  • CIJ Awards Hungary, 2010 (Architectural Firm of the Year)
  • FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, Industrial facilities category, Grand Prize, Bali, 2010 (Gedeon Richter Plc, Chemical Research Building, Budapest)
  • FIABCI Hungary, Special Prize of the Hungarian Real Estate Association, 2009 (Gedeon Richter Plc Chemical Research Building, Budapest)
  • Architectural Award for Excellence of Budapest, 2008 (Gedeon Richter Plc, Chemical Research Building, Budapest)
  • Superbrands Prize, 2007 (Palace of Arts, Budapest)
  • CIJ Awards Hungary, 2006 (Best Office Development – Center Point 2, Budapest)
  • FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, Public-purpose facilities category, Grand Prize, Bangkok, 2006 (Palace of Arts, Budapest)
  • CIJ Awards Hungary, 2005 (Best Overall Development – Palace of Arts, Budapest)
  • Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, 2005 (Palace of Arts, Budapest)

Professional prizes received by Gábor Zoboki DLA habil. architect

  • Jože Plečnik Prize ( for the reconstruction of the Opera House, Prague), 2022
  • Mihály Pollack Memorial Medal, 2022 PTE
  • Kossuth Prize (2022)
  • Prima Primissima Prize (in the Jubilee Primissima Prize category), 2012
  • FIABCI Diploma, 2012 (Most successful participation)
  • Pro Architectura Prize, 2011 – Éva Oláh, Zoltán Tóth and Gábor Zoboki jointly (Gedeon Richter Chemical Research Center, Budapest)
  • Pál Csonka Medallion, 2010, Gábor Zoboki, Ferenc Gonda (Palace of Arts, Budapest – joint prize for the architect and structural designer duo)
  • Pro Architectura Újbuda, 2009 (for outstanding architectural work in District XI)
  • Miklós Ybl Prize, 2008 (for high-standard, diverse architectural work)
  • “For Budapest” Prize, 2007 (for internationally acclaimed architectural art activity)
  • Pro Architectura Prize, 2006 (Palace of Arts, Budapest)
  • Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, 2005
  • Prima Prize, 2005
  • Residential Building of the Year Prize, 2000, Csaba Silvester, Gábor Zoboki (Residence at Testvérhegy, Budapest)
  • Residential Building of the Year Special Prize, 1998 (Villa on the Danube bank, Budakalász)
  • Residential Building of the Year Special Prize, 1997 (Residence at Testvérhegy, Budapest)

Ars Poetica (En)

The vocation of an architect has two facets: one is humanistic, driven by ideals, always rethinking the conditions of human existence, a creator who is anxious about the environment, and the other is a materialistic one who masters the world of technical, technological knowledge. I believe it is indispensable to strive for high-level cultivation of both of these qualities if we want to create good architecture. In today’s complex, constantly changing environment in which we work special empathy is required to carry out our architectural tasks at a high level of quality. I believe in the preservation and transfer of ideals and experience across generations, and that planning is a team effort: high-standard, creative architectural solutions to increasingly complex tasks can only be produced by a multi-faceted and open-minded circle of creative individuals. Our practice has been working in the spirit of this philosophy since 1997.

Gábor Zoboki DLA habil.
Architect, winner of Ybl, Pro Architectura and Prima Primissima Prizes