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Zoltán Turi

Principal Architect

Zoltán Turi has been working with Gábor Zoboki for over 20 years; they were in close friendship and professional relationship already in their university years. They started their career together in significant architectural practices in Budapest – in KÖZTI and BUVÁTI. Due to their entrepreneurial spirit, they split from the jointly managed “Town Hall” Studio. Zoboki founded the legal predecessor of ZDA, Zoboki and Associates Architects, together with Turi and Csaba Silvester. The current structure of the practice was created with Nóra Demeter’s entry in 1998, in which Turi represents a determinant, responsible coordinator personality. While Zoboki is the originator of ideas and lead architect, Turi is a rational architect with technical orientation, concentrating on the execution. The creative, cooperating spirits of the two characters complement each other extremely well. This has been proven by their unique architectural ideas followed by professional technical solutions. Zoltán Turi’s approach is characterized by a general designer’s thinking making it possible to realize a close cooperation between the architects of the office and the consultants. He takes part in almost all projects of the office, responsible for the coordination of the technical, design partners’ and consultants’ tasks. For example he was the coordinating architect of the Palace of Arts  where he coordinated the work of over 150 art creators and consultants and reconciled it with the client and the general contractor.