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Planning status
Planning year
2003 - 2006
Planning area
8 000 m2
Lead Architect
Zoboki Gábor DLA habil., egyetemi tanár
Silvester Csaba, Csíkvári Gergely, Kakas László, Fekete Ferenc
Main design partners and consultants
5LM Építésziroda Kft., Csavarga Rózsa, Terraplan' 97 Mérnökiroda Kft., G&B Plan Kft., Provill Kft., Archikert Bt.
Raiffeisen Property Lízing Rt.

Somlói Residential Park is one of the most significant exclusive residential complexes of the capital consisting of 56 apartments on Gellért Hill. The dynamic shaping of the contemporary residential complex in the park-like environment is a new colour among the elegant villas. The flexibility of floor spaces allows for a maximum freedom in the posterior fit-out of apartments.
In the architectural phrasing of the complex consisting of three building masses situated in the residential quarter of Gellért Hill among family homes, a fundamental aspect was fitting in the park-like environment and being adjusted to the scale of the elegant villas of the neighbourhood, and at the same time ensuring the flexibility and comfort expected from a contemporary residential complex. Along Somlói Road, we created a spatial wall fitting to the scale of neighbouring buildings, and the apartments are oriented towards the large internal garden with existing ancient trees. The internal space of the L-shaped composition is occupied by a large park, so the ground-floor apartments are also oriented towards the green. Already from the first floor and up, the vista of the city and Sashegy can be enjoyed. The horizontally elongated building mass is divided into three parts, and the alteration of block-like closed and opened elevation units further enhance this triple division. The dominant elements of the opened elevations are the powerful horizontal lines of the terrace slabs in front of the pulled-back glass walls. The external contour of the building mass is defined by the sliding shade panels installed at the edge of the terraces. A basic feature of the apartments is the flexibility of floor space. On the uppermost level, apartments realized at even higher quality level were designed with greater floor space, where each living space can be opened towards the roof terrace and the panorama.