Gábor Zoboki
professor Director, Lead Architect, winner of the Prima Primissima Prize

Gábor Zoboki’s professional career started in leading workshops of the country (KÖZTI Rt, BUVÁTI Rt) in the company of excellent masters of architecture. Since the foundation of his own practice, he is the lead architect of significant projects, the main designer and originator of ideas and the leader of the office.
His career, despite his young age, is characterized by large-scale, complex projects. The Town Hall Studio founded within BUVÁTI was the first workshop where he could independently reveal his capabilities. This is where the detailed urban plan for the historical Inner City, considered the heart of Budapest, was shaped showing new directions. This task involved the processing of a huge amount of data in the course of far-reaching coordination and liaising with the authorities.
Towards the end of the nineties, the Hungarian economy and society looked forward to considerable changes, so the state-owned company life form was also questioned. There was an opportunity for Gábor Zoboki to form Zoboki and Associates Architects, the legal predecessor of the present company, with several colleagues for completing the Town Hall Project as their first assignment. Later on, further projects came justifying the success of their work. After that, when Nóra Demeter joined the company, they continued their work under the name of Zoboki-Demeter and Associates Architects.
Gábor Zoboki’s most complex professional project until now was the planning of the Palace of Arts (Müpa) Budapest where he succeeded in creating an exemplary building complex from both architectural and technology aspects.
With this investment, Budapest entered the rank of the most modern and prominent concert venues in the world. With this architectural, technological and organizational experience, Zoboki-Demeter and Associate Architects gained such unique knowledge that they could benefit in further large-volume projects. So the office received a number of requests to design similar facilities (Surgut - Siberia, Pécs, Shenzhen - China, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest). The cooperation with MÜPA has been ever since continuous: Gábor Zoboki has been taking part in expanding its relationships since this house with unique capabilities maintains a wide range of connections both in Europe and overseas.
Gábor Zoboki is an active member of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects and the Association of Hungarian Architects; he participates in a number of Budapest and district plan juries either as participant or as juror. He has been the winning designer or a member of the design team of significant design competitions, and his accomplishments have been awarded with the most important prizes of the Hungarian and the international architect community. He publishes in professional papers, and receives recensions and reviews in these periodicals and daily papers.
His negotiating language is the English, but he also has German, Russian and French language skills.
He is fond of music.
As for his working method, Gábor Zoboki has a complex approach, that is, he puts across also the aspects of economy and art – apart from the architectural framework and technical conditions.
Awards of Gábor Zoboki and his office:
-                      Residential Building of the Year, 1997, 1998, 2000
-                      Knight’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Hungary, 2005
-                      Certificate of Merit from the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage for ZDA, 2005  (Palace of Arts)
-                      CIJ Awards Hungary, 2005 (Best Overall Development, Palace of Arts)
-                      Prima Prize, 2005
-                      Style in the Business Prize, 2006
-                      FIABCI Prix d’Excellence, Bangkok, 2006 (Palace of Arts)
-                      Pro Architectura Prize, 2006 (Palace of Arts)
-                      CIJ Awards Hungary, 2006 (Best Office Development, Center Point 2)
-                      Superbrands Prize, 2007 (Palace of Arts)
-                      “For Budapest” Prize, 2007 (for internationally acclaimed architectural art activity)
-                      Ybl Miklós Prize, 2008 (for high-standard diverse architectural work)
-                      Budapest Architectural Award for Excellence 2008 (Gedeon Richter Chemical Research Building)
-                      FIABCI Hungary, Special Prize, 2009 (Gedeon Richter Chemical Research Building)
-                      Pro Architectura New-Buda, 2009 (for outstanding design works in District XI)

Zoltán Turi
Project Director

Zoltán Turi has been working with Gábor Zoboki for over 20 years; they were in close friendship and professional relationship already in their university years. They started their career together in significant architectural practices in Budapest – in KÖZTI and BUVÁTI. Due to their entrepreneurial spirit, they split from the jointly managed “Town Hall” Studio. Zoboki founded the legal predecessor of ZDA, Zoboki and Associates Architects, together with Turi and Csaba Silvester. The current structure of the practice was created with Nóra Demeter’s entry in 1998, in which Turi represents a determinant, responsible coordinator personality. While Zoboki is the originator of ideas and lead architect, Turi is a rational architect with technical orientation, concentrating on the execution. The creative, cooperating spirits of the two characters complement each other extremely well. This has been proven by their unique architectural ideas followed by professional technical solutions. Zoltán Turi’s approach is characterized by a general designer’s thinking making it possible to realize a close cooperation between the architects of the office and the consultants. He takes part in almost all projects of the office, responsible for the coordination of the technical, design partners’ and consultants’ tasks. For example he was the coordinating architect of the Palace of Arts  where he coordinated the work of over 150 art creators and consultants and reconciled it with the client and the general contractor.

He rides horses, father of two children.

András Csiszér
Design Director

András Csiszér graduated from the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in 2009 with honours. As design director, he supports the designer teams in the area of creating concepts and architectural appearance and manages the preparation of presentation materials and documents irrespective of the size and function of the project. Jointly with the team-leading architects, he liaises with the clients and consultants in the area of design. An excellent expert of parametric design and non-standard architecture. He undertook an important role in propagating the use of state-of-the-art CAD software and methods in the office.

Married, father of two children.

Éva Oláh
Project Lead Architect

Richárd Borzák
Project Lead Architect

László Kakas
Project Lead Architect

László Kakas graduated from the Budapest University of Technology in 2000. He works for the office since 14 years. He arrived at our practice with 4 years of experience, but has been working as a team leader since the beginnings due to his engineering routine and project approach. He is a coordinator lead architect responsible mainly for technical questions and liaising with authorities and clients. Because of his secondary vocational training background and practical experience it is in the field where he feels really good. He took part in designing and constructing the Somlói Street Residential Park, the Spiral Office Buildings, the Etele Square Shopping Center and two private villas from creating the programme to on-site supervision, but his name is also linked to the design of the theatre chairs in the Palace of Arts. Other great projects he was involved in include the Museum building of the Shenzhen Cultural Center where he took part in designing the building structures of the elevations.

His hobby is mountain biking. He was the winner of several 8-10-24-hour races, and works also as a coach for his team.

Csaba Silvester
Project Lead Architect

Csaba Silvester graduated from the Budapest University of Technology in 1993. A founding member of the office and, as Zoboki’s colleague, co-author of award-winning residential buildings. As a team leader, apart from managing his team, he is also responsible for liaising with clients and authorities. An architect responsible mainly for technical aspects and an excellent expert of cultural type projects. His most notable projects in this genre were the Festival Theatre within the Palace of Arts and the Shenzhen Cultural Center in China, but he was responsible for the renovation of Erkel Theatre as well. Among his assignments related to historic buildings, the most important one was managing the design work related to the Carmelite monastery renovated for the Prime Minister’s Office.

Married, father of two children.

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