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Planning status
Planning year
2009 - 2011
Planning area
100 000 m2
Russia, Saint Petersburg
Lead Architect
Zoboki Gábor DLA habil., egyetemi tanár, Demeter Nóra
Silvester Csaba, Turi Zoltán, Csiszér András, Szatmári Gábor, Rajnai Csaba, Rózsás László, Tolnai Linda, Erőss János ✝, Országh István
Main design partners and consultants
Lőrincz Áron, Strack Lőrinc, Tompai Zsuzsa, Ed Arenius, Damian J. Doria (Artec Consultants), Józsa Gusztáv (Józsa és Társai 2000 Kft.), Markovits Péter (MTM Tervező Mérnökiroda), Kolarovszki László, Nyári Balázs (Körös Consult), Máramarosi András, Ritzl András (KÖZTI)
TriGránit Rt.

The concept worked out for Trigránit Zrt as developer examined the possibility of creating a new city centre on Vasilyevsky Island the ports of which are of high importance in the city’s architectural and institutional life, and where one of Russia’s greatest universities is found. In the original concept, in the framework of a mixed-use development, a commercial complex was coupled with residential, office and hotel functions and with the installation of a big television production studio. The planned synergic complex provides excellent services for the population of the area and the business life of the city.

The second version was the architectural part of a PPP tender of an investor. Here, we proposed a mixed-use development: in the heart of the project, we conceived a multifunctional facility complying with the complex technological expectations and preserving and renewing Saint Petersburg’s cultural traditions in a modern manner including concert, conference and exhibition facilities. Apart from the concert hall with adjustable acoustics, seating 1,800, an exhibition and event centre and a conference hall seating 2,500 was planned. The installation of the all-round complex resulted in different, dynamic external and internal spaces, creating a new city centre in Saint Petersburg.