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Renewal of the Corvin Department Store - Corvin Event Hall

Planning status
Planning year
Planning area
21 800 m2
Lead Architect
Zoboki Gábor DLA habil., egyetemi tanár, Demeter Nóra
Szatmári Gábor, Csizmadi Péter, Silvester Csaba, Kovács Eszter
Main design partners and consultants
Lőrinc Áron
Corvin Áruházak Kft.

The proposal complying with the client’s demand for the renewal of the dysfunctional building of Corvin Department Store, one of the first large department stores in Budapest, is a UEC (Urban Entertainment Center) not yet existent at the time in Budapest, which unites attractive high-end retail and cultural facilities. The retail zone designed at the street level and additional upstairs levels and the elegant banquet hall above them looking at the city, or in another version the roof level event space, can be, differing from shopping mall retail outlets, a venue for amusement, gastronomy or special product presentations – while the large halls may receive high-quality and popular mass events. Retail sales and gastronomy will be installed in the ground-floor and underground spaces in a section independent from the events. The attractions of the building complying with its individual function and urban role are the special spatial experiences: arriving from the metro, the terraced stairs, or the soft, amorphous mass of the central showroom floating in space. The sketch designs gave a proposal for not only the possible rehabilitation of the building, but, by the study of the complete urban environment, designated its role in the framework of the revitalization concept of the inner city.