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Kastélyosdombó Regional Development Center

Planning status
Planning year
Planning area
1 650 m2
Lead Architect
Zoboki Gábor DLA habil., egyetemi tanár, Csiszér András, Kiss Laura
Jaczó Anna, Iványi Réka
Main design partners and consultants
Pagony Táj és Kertépítész Iroda Kft.
Magyar Ökumenikus Segélyszervezet

Kastélyosdombó is a regionally important centre of the Ecumenical Relief Organisation, which plays an important role as a model social and regional development programme as well as a training centre.

The reconstruction of the former granary and its surroundings in the centre of the settlement, based on a concept plan offered pro bono by ZDA-Zobok Architects and Pagony Landscape and Garden Architecture, is a new milestone both in terms of its central role in the region and in strengthening the local community.

Since the centre of the one-street village is currently the pavement in front of the shop, there has been a long-standing need for a real village centre with character.

The re-imagining and refurbishment of the uniquely located core warehouse building, which has been derelict for decades, will create a dominant community space in the area. It will host professional forums for farmers in the area, a unique farmers’ market, and a venue for community and family events. The upper level of the building will be used to create a niche market for barn accommodation, which will build on the significant cycling tourism in the area – and the revenue generated will contribute to the maintenance of the regional development programme.

A year-round event hall for 150 people and its service blocks will be built at a later stage adjacent to the core building. The separate buildings will be linked by a continuous pergola system. This will provide rain-protected circulation between the buildings and will also define different spaces: the new main village square, the bus shelter, the market square and separate covered terraces for events.